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Zodiac circle
v Soil And Land
v The Position of   

v Roads and out side of
        building /house

v Direction of the plot
v Trees & plants
v The Basic and important
         point for house

v Roof, Balconies and

v Over head water tank
v Worship/Pooja

v Storage
v Basement
v Kitchen
v Living (sitting) Room
v Bedroom
v Safe Room
v Dinning Room
v Bathroom & Toilet
v Study Room
v Stairways
v Upper Floor & Height
v Vastu and astrology &
         position of rooms

v Important Vastu Rules
v Importance of main Gate
v Effect of colours in house
v Interior colour scheme  
         in our House

v Importance of Pyramid in  

    Gem Stones
v Diomond or Heera
v Pearl or Moti
v Blue Saphire or Neelam
v Yellow Saphire or

v Ruby or Manik
v Emerald or Panna
v Red coral or Moonga
v Hessonite or Gomeda
v Cat's eye or Lehsuniya
v Shri Yantra       
v Maha Laxmi Yantra          
v Mahakaali Yantra           
v MahaMrityunjaya
v Vastu dosh Nivaran 

v Nav Graha Yantra    
v Sun (surya) Yantra     
v Moon (chandra) Yantra
v Marsh (mangal) Yantra 
v Mercury (buddha )          

v Jupiter ( Guru ) Yantra     
v    Venus (shukra ) Yantra  
v Saturn (shani ) Yantra       
v Rahu Yantra              
v Ketu Yantra
Rahukal, Yamgandam, 
      Gulikakal period

v    Monday
v    Tuesday
v    Wednusday
v    Thursday
v    Friday
v    Saturday
v    Sunday
v Letter of Birth Name
         for Baby
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Birth chart
House 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
No. in Chart 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Sign Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Each of the grahas (planets) is placed in one of the bhavas (houses). Once again, you should not confuse the house numbers with the numbers that you see in your chart.   The numbers in the  houses  represent  the signs that occupy those houses.  The houses must be counted in a  counterclockwise direction from the 1st house, which is the top center house.  The houses should be counted inclusively of the house you are counting from. For example the 3rd house is located three houses away from the first one, not two, and 11th house is 5 houses away from the 7th, not four.
  The South Indian style chart
The house box that the Ascendant sign occupies becomes the First house with the remaining houses following in a clockwise  direction.  Commonly, the First house is marked with a diagonal line or with 'As' mark. Some astrologers choose to mark the houses with numbers, as opposed to the North Indian style, in which the numbers represent the signs.
The basic Vedic astrology chart will show the placement of the Grahas in the 12 bhavas, and the alignment of the 12 Rashis with those 12 bhavas. From this very simple and profound schematic representation of the solar system at the time of birth springs forth a great number of calculations and considerations. Those, in turn, spin off a very elaborate web of interactions and relationships formed by the numerous significations of the Grahas, Bhavas and Rashis. Through this process, Jyotish is capable of expressing a rich range of human experiences, including contradictions of all sorts, and thereby doing full justice to the diverse and subtle aspects of life.
                             Know about Jyotish/Astrology
Astrology is the science of the heavens in relation to its effects on human beingsThe annals of history are replete with refrence to the science of astrology and how predictions made on the basis of stars have been fulfilled. Hindus astrology is apart of the religion itself. The vedas,the purans, and the epics are all full of astrological traditions and these traditions are so ancient and widespread among the hindus.
Astrology or jyotish illuminates what our future holds for us. It tells us when to take action and when to lie low. We should use this knowledge of the vedas for improving our life.
Astrology is not for people who are fearful and who cannot face the truth and go into depression when faced with the coming shadows cast by malefic like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Mars. there are 12 individual sections in the horoscope. These sections are the bhavas (houses), and each house is fully occupied by one of the signs. The signs are marked within the bhavas (houses)  with numerals.  The numbering system used for marking the signs reflects the natural order of the signs , like Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagitorious, Capricorn, Aquarious, Pisces.
                                              The North Indian style chart
Let us take a look at a horoscope/Birth chart/ kundali (chart):
Right now you are looking at your Jyotish chart formatted in the North Indian chart style. As you see, there are 12 individual sections in the horoscope. These sections are the bhavas (houses), and each house is fully occupied by one of the signs. The signs are marked within the bhavas (houses) with numerals.  The numbering system used for marking the signs reflects the natural order of the signs (i.e. 1 - for Aries, 2 - for Taurus, 3 - for Gemini, 4 - for Cancer and so on).  The house counting sequence follows a counterclockwise direction, and so does the sign sequence within the chart. The box at the center top of the chart is called the First house. The sign occupying the first house is called the Ascendant.    The box on the left of the first house is called the second house. The number 2 in that house represents the sign of Taurus. Next to it is the third house, then the fourth, and so on up to the twelfth house. The sequential order of the houses is FIXED in the North India chart format.  The top center box is always the first house and the bottom center one is always the seventh.  When using the North Indian style chart you should also remember that the numbers within the houses represent the sign numbers, not the numbers of the houses. For your convenience, here is a complete overview:
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