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Blue Sapphire gemstone
Diomond or Heera Diomond or Heera
Emerald  or Panna Emerald  or Panna
Ruby  or  Manik Ruby  or  Manik
Red Coral  or  Moonga Red Coral  or  Moonga
Pearl  or  Moti Pearl  or  Moti
Yellow Sapphire  or  Pukhraj Yellow Sapphire  or  Pukhraj
Hessonite  or  Gomedha Hessonite  or  Gomedha
Cat's eye  or  Lahsuniya Cat's eye  or  Lahsuniya
Blue Sapphire or Neelam
Diomond  or  Heera
Emerald  or  Panna
Ruby  or  Manik
Red Coral  or  Moonga
Pearl  or  Moti
Yellow Sapphire  or  Pukhraj
Hessonite  or  Gomedha
Cat's eye  or  Lahsuniya
             Recommendations of Gem Stones

The wearing  of gems is an important consideration that can potentially change and alter many areas of your life . The wearing of gemmed ornaments bring respect , fame  wealth happiness strength health.
Over and above this ,it wards off evil astral influences, makes the body healthy removes misery and  fortune and  washes away sin. According to  this is a classical science and  Indian astrology, when The Sun is hostile, a pure  Ruby stone, when the  Moon is hostile  a good  Pearl, when Mars is hostile , a Coral.when Mercury is hostile , the Emerald,, when Jupiter is hostile , the Topaz or Yeliow sapphire, when Venus is hostile ,the Diomond, when Saturn is hostile, the blue sapphire,when Rahu is hostile , the Gomedha, when Ketu is hostile , the Cat’s eye should be worn.
The gemstone that is transparent, of fine and good colour, soft in touch and gives luster and radiance, is considered a stone of good quality .

You should be purchase best quality gemstones  that you can afford. Mostly stones of lesser potency quality have been found to work very good and are cheap in cost, though you need to be worn in a larger size in order  to give the same strength of effects.
To feel or derive the best effect of gem begin to wear it after cleansing it in fresh milk and rinsing it in purified water. Then holding it and concentrate on the gem and perform the mantra according to gems 108 times.

Generally gems should be worn on the right hand  for men and the lft hand for women. For best result when you worn the gem. Gemstone should be contact in the skin or gem is set so as to touch the skin. Otherwise gemstone will not be beneficially to worn. Gems may be worn either on the finger as a ring  or on the upper arm as a bangle.
Gem stones