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Cat's eye or Lehsunia
                Cat’s eye or Lehsuniya
Cat’s eye is gem stone of Ketu. This is yellowish or blackish in color. Inside there is a shining band which moves when the stone is turned. This is a quick action gem and restores lost wealth,Poverty and diseases vanish.The Cat’s eye gemstone or lahsuniya is  having three streaks of light , similar to the scared thread , straightness of the chatoyance, smoothness, high specific gravity clear yellow, black, smoky green and white.
The only thing common to all shades is the band of light moving across the stone the chatoyance. Cat’s eye shines like the eye of cat in light darkness. To prevent from Ketu’s evil effects, you should worn a Cat’s eye gemstone or Lahsuniya .
Ketu is not the mass of light like other planets of the Solar system.Wearing  of Cat’s eye stone brings strength, brightness, bravery.
Peasure  prosperity and it saves a man from his enemy and brings victory. The Cat’s eye gemstone destroys sorrows, poverty,diseases, calamities and saves from evil spirits.
Wearing Instructions : The gemstone of Ketu (Cat’s eye) is best set in gold. If ring , it should worn on the Wednusday, or Thursday,Friday at two hours after sunset, on  middle or little finger of the right hand.
Mantra to purify and wearing Cat’s eye or Lehsuniya gemstone.
                                 Aum hreem Ketve namah.

       Tests for Identification of Real Cat's Eye or Lehsunia

1.   If a real cat's eye gemstone is put in a dark place, it shines like the
      eyes of a cat.
2.   If a real cat's eye gemstone is rubbed against a cloth, its brilliance
             Properties of Cat's Eye Gem stone  or Lehsunia
Planet                     :  Ketu
Indian Name          :  Sutra-mani
Other Names         :  Ketu-ratna, Ketu's gem, Vaidurya, Cats eye,
Cat's Eye's  Sign   : 
Ketu is a  shadowy nodes or shadow planet 
                                 and do not own any signs in the zodiac.

Element                 :  Water
Cosmic Color        :  Infra-red
         Some Flaws of Cat's Eye gem stone or Lehsuniya
1.   Dullness - the cat's-eye that is not brilliant and is shining and flimsy
      is injurious for physical health and personal wealth
2.   Crack inside the gemstone - brings injuries from sharp-edged
3.   Cobweb inside the gemstone - brings imprisonment and is harmful
      for the wearer
4.   Having five streaks or bands of light - brings misfortune
5.   Holes or dents - bring diseases of the stomach
6.   Flat - devoid of effect and therefore not suitable for wearing
7.   Uneven in shape - unlucky
Some Qualities of a Good Cat's-Eye gemstone or Lehsuniya
1.  Smoothness
2.  Brilliance of chatoyance
3.  High specific gravity - heavier than average stone of the same size
4.  Having three streaks of light, similar to the sacred thread worn by
     Brahmins in India
5.  Straightness of the chatoyance