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Hessonite  or  Gomeda
        Hessonite gemstone or Gomeda

Gomeda is the gem stone of Rahu. Its color varies from red, smoky, to honey color. Use of Gomeda will bestow good health, victory over enemies and bring wealth and prosperity to its owner.The Hessonite gemstone is  uniform color ultravoilet, look like clear honey or clear urine of cow, transparent, high specific gravity, brilliance.
To prevent from Rahu’s evil effects,  you should worn a hessonite gemstone or Gomeda in a ring , and if Rahu is well position then it gives beneficial results during its period , removes fear , creates clarity of mind, and helps spiritual growth.
Rahu is not the  mass of light like other planets of the solar system. But in spite of some facts Rahu show their far- fetched influence over the man , women and all other beings.
Therefore  Rahu’s presence can never be ignored. When Rahu is powerful  in  the horoscope , it causes or bears many diseases, like mental stress. Disturbance in abdomen and mentality.

Wearing Instructions :  The gem for Rahu is best set in silver. If ring , it should worn on the middle finger . begin to wear it on Saturday at two hours after the sunset.

           Mantra to purify and wearing  hessonite or Gomed.
                                Aum raam Rahuve namah.

         Tests for Identification of Real Hessonite or Gomed:

1.  If a real hessonite is left in cow's urine for twenty-four hours the  
     color of the urine changes.
2.   Real hessonite is devoid of concentric rings of air bubbles.
3.   Will not have the following: dullness, roughness, hole or dents, flat,
       black spot.

              Properties of Hessonite Gemstones or Gomed

Planet                     :  Rahu
Indian Name          :  Gomed
Other Names         :  Rahu-ratna, Rahu's gem, Pita rakta mani,
                                  Orange gem, Tamo-mani, Rahu's jewel.
Hessonite's Sign   : 
Rahu is a  shadowy nodes or shadow 
                                  planet  and do not own any signs in the

Element                 :  Ether
Cosmic Color        :  Ultraviolet

                   Qualities of a Good Hessonite or Gomed

1.  Color similar to the clear urine of a cow
2.  Transparency
3.  High specific gravity
4.  Brilliance
5.  Uniform color