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Zodiac circle
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v The Position of   

v Roads and out side of
        building /house

v Direction of the plot
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v The Basic and important
         point for house

v Roof, Balconies and

v Over head water tank
v Worship/Pooja

v Storage
v Basement
v Kitchen
v Living (sitting) Room
v Bedroom
v Safe Room
v Dinning Room
v Bathroom & Toilet
v Study Room
v Stairways
v Upper Floor & Height
v Vastu and astrology &
         position of rooms

v Important Vastu Rules
v Importance of main Gate
v Effect of colours in house
v Interior colour scheme  
         in our House

v Importance of Pyramid in  

    Gem Stones
v Diomond or Heera
v Pearl or Moti
v Blue Saphire or Neelam
v Yellow Saphire or

v Ruby or Manik
v Emerald or Panna
v Red coral or Moonga
v Hessonite or Gomeda
v Cat's eye or Lehsuniya
v Shri Yantra       
v Maha Laxmi Yantra          
v Mahakaali Yantra           
v MahaMrityunjaya
v Vastu dosh Nivaran 

v Nav Graha Yantra    
v Sun (surya) Yantra     
v Moon (chandra) Yantra
v Marsh (mangal) Yantra 
v Mercury (buddha )          

v Jupiter ( Guru ) Yantra     
v    Venus (shukra ) Yantra  
v Saturn (shani ) Yantra       
v Rahu Yantra              
v Ketu Yantra
Rahukal, Yamgandam, 
      Gulikakal period

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Mesha Lagna (Aries Ascendant)
  People with Aries rising are always restless and constantly on the move.  Because their ruling planet is Mars, they have a great deal of energy and zeal which makes them courageous, independent, and motivated at their best, but angry and hot-tempered at their worst.They have a sharp intellect, but tend to be fixed in their knowledge and understanding patterns. These people love taking initiative and prefer to lead than to follow.  They can become great leaders, if they manage to control their volatile tempers.  Their ideas and moods can change easily, and they are unlikely to stick to one project for too long.

  Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus Ascendant)
These individuals are often very fortunate and prosperous because of their basic tendency to stay in one place, stay focussed on their goals, and accumulate assets.  They relate well to practical, down-to-earth matters, and have an excellent intellect and ability to express themselves.  They have a prominent tendency to be some what conservative and stubborn, and do not welcome any type of changes. Patient and hard working, they are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the future.  Their work may involve some long-term process with an idealistic flavor, where an idea is the key to success.   They may encounter obstacles in the realm of parenthood. They may experience problems or delays in getting children, or deal with challenges raising them.  Under the influence of their ruling planet Venus, they may be very fond of beauty, comforts, and harmony, as well as the opposite sex.  But their marriage partner is likely to be a bit sharp and intense.  There maybe a tendency of having disagreements with the partner or the partner may somehow be the cause of some problems in their life.

Mithuna Lagna /Gemini Ascendant
Gemini individuals may excel in areas of literature, music, dance, or film, and will typically be very outgoing.  Their great sense of humor makes them a welcome presence at social events.  Their speech can be quite emotional, and their expressive face tends to give away how they feel.In spite of their apparent soft side, they can show a remarkable courage and enterprising spirit.  Their career is likely to be in the realm of education or some branch of holistic knowledge.  Initiating new projects is easy for Gemini natives, but taking work to the end and meeting the deadlines can be difficult.They can get bored fast and lose their interest in subjects that fail to challenge or amuse their bright intellect.

The Karka Lagna /Cancer Ascendant
These natives are very sensitive and intelligent, but they may sometimes be nervous or easily stressed.  Highly emotional and often psychic, they love pleasure and tend to acquire possessions.  At their worst, they can be somewhat stingy; at best, they can be kind, supportive, and honest friends. In spite of their gentle and emphatic nature, they are capable of thinking and acting with vigor.  Though Cancer natives are often unlucky in marriage, they are attached and devoted to their children and family.  They typically marry a partner who surpasses them in age or overall maturity.

Simha Lagna /Leo Ascendant
Like the Aries type, Leo has a fiery disposition which creates courage and a strong sense of purpose, but which also increases anger and gives rise to a hot temper.  Leo rising people are often ambitious as well, but may have to struggle to realize their objectives.  They are typically cheerful, warm-hearted, sincere, and somewhat conservative. They often have a passion for the acquisition of knowledge.  Happy married life is typically delayed, or the partner is somewhat distant - in age, culture, or physically.

Kanya Lagna /Virgo Ascendant
Virgo natives are highly skilled and extremely clever, they may lack self-confidence.  Despite their clear discrimination, they may occasionally get carried away by their emotions.Mercury's influence can make them ingenious, diplomatic, and shrewd, and enable them to rise high in life.  However, they are extremely sensitive and may suffer from too much nervous stress.  At times they get overwhelmed with anxiety over details and fail to see the big picture of an issue.

Tula Lagna /Libra Ascendant
  The natives of Libra rising have a reputation of being too submerged in sensuality, but they are also quick-witted, forceful, and skilled at observing human nature with clarity.They are idealistic rather than practical, and the power of their ideals may wield a great, perhaps even hypnotic, influence over others.  In such cases, it is difficult to reason with them.  Due to the influence of Venus, they appreciate beauty and love music and arts.

Vrischika Lagna /Scorpio Ascendant
  These people can be somewhat sarcastic and self-willed, though they may also become proficient in spiritual or occult arts, as well as more scientific concerns.Though sensualists by nature, they are also good at controlling their instincts and disciplining themselves.  They love excitement and a challenge; they keep their own counsel and are not easily influenced by others.

Dhanu Lagna (Sagittarius Ascendant)
  The typical Sagittarius rising personality loves religion and philosophy, but may be overly conservative in these matters.  Active, enthusiastic, and enterprising, these individuals may also be somewhat nervous.  They are extremely honest and even humble by nature, despising hypocrisy and superficiality.  They often have good control over their emotions and sensual desires.

Makara Lagna /Capricorn Ascendant
Saturn may give these natives perseverance, a strong sense of purpose, and the ability to bear life's difficulties with stoic calm. Capricorn natives are practical, ambitious, and responsible.They do not fear change and are flexible in their points of view.  They are good at handling finances, and tend to be conserving.  They are efficient and often successful in their undertakings due to their ability to work hard and remain focussed on the goals. Their practical aspirations that can lead them to great heights, although they may find little joy in their achievements.  Their perfectionism may cause difficulties in marriage.  At their best, they are philosophical and generous.

Kumbha Lagna /Aquarius Ascendant
Philosophers and idealists by nature, favored with great literary or communicative skill, Aquarians frequently make their mark on the world in terms of their ideas. As personalities they can be timid, peevish, and chronically unhappy due to Saturn's overpowering influence on their lives.  Their health may be delicate.  At their best, they possess great humanitarian instincts.

Meena Lagna /Pisces Ascendant
These natives can be deeply spiritual, though their spirituality is usually very orthodox and they will feel uncomfortable stepping outside of the mainstream.  Dependent on others and frequently lacking in confidence, they are mystical and often psychic by nature.  Typically honest and fair-minded, they make up in gentleness and kindness what they lack in forcefulness or personal power.  It is important to always consider the unique conditions of the house in question in an individual horoscope, before jumping to any conclusions based on the Ascendant (Lagna). Each individual sentence and statement may easily be counteracted by some other factor in a particular chart.  For example, in case of Taurus nativity we said that the person would be talkative based on the fact the Mercury rules the Second House.  This statement would be nullified, if Mercury were placed in the Twelfth House, the house of loss.
Name, Nature and Effects of Lagna/Ascendant