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Zodiac circle
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Planets Friend Neutral Enemy
Sun Moon, Mars, Jupiter Venus   Mercury,  Saturn
Moon Mercury,  Mars, Venus No Jupiter, Saturn
Mars Venus, Jupiter Mercury Venus, Saturn
Mercury Venus, Mars, Jupiter Sun, Moon Saturn
Jupiter Sun, Mars Moon, Mercury, Venus Saturn
Venus Mercury, Jupiter Sun, Moon, Saturn Mars
Saturn No Mercury, Venus Jupiter,Sun,Moon, Mars
Resultant  Relationship in Planets
A planet when occupying its own sign is deemed strong . by this principle the sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer,Mars in Aries, or Scorpio, Mercury in Gemini, or Virgo, Jupiter in Sagittarius or Pisces, Venus in Tauras or Libra and Saturn in Capricorn or Aquarius are deemed strong. Rahu in Virgo and Ketu in Pisces are deemed  well placed.
For Astrological judgement a sign is divided into 9 sub divisions 30° divided by 9 yield 3° -20'
so that when a sign is sub- divided into 9 parts each part covers the following arc :-
(1) 0°to 3°-20' (2) 3°-20'to 6°-40' (3) 6°-40'to10°(4) 10° to13°-20' (5) 13°-20' to 16°-40'(6) 16°-40' to 20°(7) 20° - 23°-20' (8) 23°-20' -26° -40' (9) 26° -40'-30° .

When the  9  sub- divisions in a sign end  the subsequent  sign  is similarly  sub  divided  and  so on , so that the entire  zodiac has 12*9=108 sub-divisions . These sub-divisions  are also named  after the 12 signs in the regular order.
If a Planet is in the same division as the sign it is called vargottama. A vargottama planet is deemed as strong as if it were in its own sign.
The sign is called Rashi in sanskrit language. and the one ninth sub division is called navansha. so navansha means one ninth part.
Rising head first shows its effect in the begining of its period . and rising with hind part manifests its effect at late in its period , bothway - the effect  is produced in the middle of the period.
If  a sign is strong and well tenanted , benefit from the respective direction may be expected. If conerse is the case harm or loss may come  from that direction.