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Vastu Shastra
  We want to enjoy our peace & happiness & prosperity, health & wealth and spiritual development at our home. If our home’s surroundings and construction is poor and the atmosphere is not good, we can neither be happy nor healthy.  We follow some principles to built a house in the Vastu shastra. magnetic forces flow in the North-South and the Earth motion and Solar energy forces in the East-West portion of the house and Divine Spiritual Perception, and also the various Deities who rule the different sections of the house and based on the Nature of the Deities, which part of the house is ideal for the defferents  functions From last 15 years, first Vastu was in fashion, but now full society is blind beliefs on Vastu. Every person want to apply vastu principles is their dream house . The Vastu principles included:The facing of plots, the width of roads, the size of plots, the shape of plots, approaching from public utilities, facilities, market, schools, hospitals, bus stand, and transportation facilities also.The height-length-breath of the boundary wall & the rooms and their placement functions doors & windows placement etc. are makes the optimised ideal use of the magnetic, solar & spiritual forces and the five basic elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Space in the house. The principles are based on very practical reasons. For example if the East side boundary wall is too high one will not get enough sunlight.Like any otherancient sastra, Vastu must also be understood, interpreted and implemented based onthe changed socio-economic conditions.
   In modern times, especially in cities, only some persons can follow all the Vastu rules. In our Vastu house we  likes life where we wants all ideals like  parents, brothers &  sisters, teachers & education, good job & money, ideal wife & children and good health. At the time of entering in  a new house if we should be shanti pooja ,which is part of the Griha Pravesh pooja, it takes care of the Vastu doshas. Vastu cannot adversely affect the house where God is regularly worshiped with pooja, stotra path or mantra japa. Keeping a pray to god at the Pooja place is another antidote to all Vastu Doshas. God power is always stronger than Vastu power.
  Vastu Shastra

Soil And Land

The Position of Plot/Land

Roads and out side of  building /house

Direction of the plot

Trees & plants

The Basic and important  point for house

Roof, Balconies and Verandahas

Over head water tank

Worship/Pooja  Room/Tample



    Open space

   Generator room

   Computer room



Living (sitting) Room


Safe Room

Dinning Room

Bathroom & Toilet

Study Room


Upper Floor & Height

Vastu and astrology & position of rooms

Important Vastu Rules

Importance of main Gate

Effect of colours in house

Interior colour scheme in our House

Importance of Pyramid in Vastu