Safe Room

Money, valuables, or a safe should be stored in a room on the South and South – West or North (if small size locker) side of house.
This is the direction of Kubera,the god of wealth. The door of safe room should be facing north side. The walls should be painted yellow oronge, mustard, because these lead to an increase of wealth.

If the safe is large, it can be placed in the south, south-west, or west sides of the house, but it should always be set a few inches from the wall. The safe should face north and open toward the north or east. It is inauspicious to have a safe opening to the south this will cause a loss of money.
The Locker should not be visible to people coming in house and ensure that it must have some concrete or solid foundation.
The room used for treasure or safe, vault should not be used for storage purpose or like store room.
You should be kept the locker room tidy and clutter free to invite more wealth.
Height of this room should be equal to other room and shape should be square or rectangle for better result.