Numerology Number — 1 (One)

People who born on date 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th, of any month and their birth key number is ” 1 ” are ambitious, Independent,egoistic, original and strong willed and they have all of the tools of leadership and self-mastery.
They have good  courage, creativity and unique individuality to steadfastly make their dreams come true.
They become impatient when faced any competitive works,and they like writing , literacy pursuits,  journalism work and invention works.
Mostely they acheive financial success through their own intelligence and  they stable financially after 34 years.
These person’s health is normally quiter better but some problems occure due to tension, depression and indigestion and blood pressure etc.
They are emotional for each other in marriede life. He like and love their all family members he will get full support from family members in his life.
No. 1 girls are good companion in her husband in  marriede life .
She is friendly and attract people and regard them. She is supportive in her husband ‘s business or work and take interest i n welfare works.
Negative effects : They are  very aggressive, adamant, egoistic, overconfident and unwilling to listen to other.
     Your Favorable or good :
vYour Ruling Planet is  Sun and your favorable day is Sunday and Monday.
vYour Favorable period is 24th, July to 28 th August. You should be start any
good or auspicious work between the 24th July to 28th, August of any year.
vYour favorable date  are 1st, 10th, 28th of any month. You should be choose
date 1st, 10th, 28th, of any month for any important work, its auspicious for
vYour favorable color is  golden, brown, copper color.
vYour favorable Birth key Numbers are 1,4,9.You should be friendship with birth
key number  of 1,4,9, these number’s person better for you.
vYour favorable direction is East. You should be coose East facing plots or house
for residence or business purpose. Its better for you and your
vYour favorable Gems is Rubi or Manik. You should be wear the Ruby in gold
ring on Sunday with combination of day and date like sunday, monday with 1st,
10th, 28th of any month.
vYour favorable metal is copper, Gold.
    Your Unfavorable or Bad :
vYour Unfavorable period is 23rd, November to 22nd December.
vYour Unfavorable dates are 7th, 16th, 25th, of any month.
vYour Unfavorable days are Saturday and Friday.
vYour Unfavorable color is black.
vYour unfavorable Birth key Numbers are 6,7.
vYour Unfavorable direction is West.
vYour Unfavorable Gems is Hessonite or Gomeda.
vYour  Unfavorable metal is Silver.