Sudarshan Chakra/Master chakra

Sudarshan chakraSudarshan Chakra/Master Chakra is a special chart that allows to analyze us the chart from the Lagna, from the Moon and from the Sun. This chart is called the Sudarshan chakra. It is drawn in a round format. It is depicted in the Sudarshan Chakra report. Each house is read from the Ascendant, from the Moon and from the Sun, to create a comprehensive analysis from multiple points of reference. When the Ascendant, Sun and Moon are all in different signs. Calculation of Sudarshan dashas

The Sudarshan chakra can also be used to make yearly, monthly and daily predictions. Every house is given a dasha period of 1 year. In the 1st year of life the Ascendant has its dasha, in the 2nd year the 2nd house has it’s dasha etc. At the age of 12, the Ascendant will again have a dasha of a year, and so on. Within each dasha, there are 12 antardashas of one month each. The first month is the antardasha of the house that is running the dasha. The second month is the antardasha of the 2nd houses as counted from the mahadasha, etc.

Each month is again divided in 12 Pratyantardashas of 2 ½ days. The first Pratyantardasha is the same as the antardasha, the second is the 2nd house as counted from the antardasha, etc.Finally, each Pratyantardasha of 2 ½ days is divided in 5 hour intervals (12 ½ Ghatikas).

Interpreting Sudarshan dashas : The interpretation of the Sudarshan dasha is based on the placement of the Grahas as counted from the house that is running its dasha.