The Grahas are also classified by gender. Chandra and Shukra are female. Surya, Mangal, and Guru are male. Budha and Shani are neuter. The gender of the Graha can be used in almost all types of predictions where gender is involved. An obvious example is the gender of a child or a sibling. If a man has male planets predominant in his chart, he will look very masculine.

If he has female Grahas predominant, he will look more refined and feminine. If a woman has female Grahas predominant, she will look very feminine.
If she has male Grahas predominant, she will look less refined, and more masculine. The predominance of neuter planets in a male chart makes the man less masculine, and in case of a female she will be less feminine. In both cases, the person will be rather boyish (if it is Budha) or without a dominant gender (if it is Shani).

A person with predominant Fire (from Surya and Mangal), will be noticeable active and intense, with a sharp mind, and a thin body that allows an active life style. He will eat well, but burn off his food quickly.Someone with predominant Earth (because of a predominant Budha) will have a quality about him of being comfortable and well settled in the physical realm.

He will be capable of enjoying earthy matters such as nice smells and luxuries, and is relaxed enough to easily forgive and forget.When Ether is predominant (from Guru), the person is more mentally oriented, and is capable of understanding the overall superseding structure of things. This gives the ability to be diplomatic in dealing with others, and generally have a good knowledge.

A person with predominant Water (from Shukra and Chandra) will have a flowing, gentle disposition. As water does not allow permanent impressions, he or she will not easily suffer from stress in the environment. The person will be polite and smooth, and respond to others softly. A planet is afflicted, it will enliven the same Bhutas, but in a negative way. How to determine whether a planet is placed auspiciously.