Grah dosh and remedies

What is grah dosh and remedy

Now we talk about dosh in your horoscope or Janm kundali  like mangal dosh , kaal sarp dosh, Saturn sadhesati dosh, Pitra dosh, etc and what is remedy for it. Let’s find out how these  dosh are seen present in a horoscope.

Let’s discuss about its remedies. Like all other defects presents in a horoscope, dosh is a very technical defect and general remedies are not sufficient for it.

It is very important first to identify the planet or planets causing  dosh and then do the remedies which usually involve Pooja, Mantras, Gemstones and Charities. And for the people who are told that dosh is a curse of the ancestors and it can be modified by doing Poojas and charities to pacify and please their ancestors, let me tell you that this remedy is not going to do much good for you because your Ancestors are not cursing you but they are themselves cursed and so you don’t need to pray to them, but you need to pray for them.

So in order to relieve yourself and your ancestors of the dosh present in your horoscope, identify the planet or planets causing  dosh in the horoscope and then do specific Remedies of those planets and spacify those planets so that they may reduce the quantum of punishment they are imposing on you.

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