Importance of Pyramid in Vastu

Pyramid have been an integral part of the Egyptian and Mayan cultures.
Pyramid Geometric Energy has been used by most enlightened societies around the world. Pyramid geometry, attracts all available energy particles from its surrounding. Dome geometry, stores the energy force field. All religious buildings are built with pyramid and dome synthesis.
Pyramid energy force field contains energy vibrations of all these energy particles. Man knew about the beneficial effects of pyramid energy system even 6000 years back.
Pyramid Energy system was found to have application in :-
Healing, agro-products to increase the yield and quality of crop. Ionizing air particles for cleaner environment, Energizing drinking water for better health and digestion, Re-charging dry battery cells, Polishing tarnished jewelry, Relieving fatigue and tension, Meditation, etc.
Pyramid can be of any material size or shape . The selection will depend upon the purpose.
By placing appropriate pyramid energy system, the energy force field of the land and building will be transformed into positive and the person’s bio energy will now be supplemented instead of being depleted . so he will feel less fatigue and tension and will have surplus energy to meet the demands and pressures of daily work/life.
Pyramid can be used by :- Keeping them underground, Simply placing them on the bed side table, Hanging tow dimensional pyramid geometric energy patterns on any wall of your home or office or factory, Placing under the bed or inside your cupboard,Placing pre energized 2 dimensional cards inside the shirt pocket or wallet or purse, Drinking water energized within pre- energized copper glass,Sticking pre energized stickers on the tv, ac, cars, Tele-therapy,One can make a pyramid at a home for experimentation or education.This pyramid will be good for meditation, provided that the energy force field of the place where it is built is positive.