Combination Of Dasha and Transits

In the sections on dashas and the section on transits we have already seen a few ways in which dashas and transits are used together. Now let’s look at a more complete list of how these two techniques integrate:-When a dasha starts, it marks the start or “birth” of a new period of time in life. The transits at that start of the dasha will give an indication of how favorable or unfavorable the period will be. Particularly the position of the mahadasha lord is important: “The effects are favorable if at the commencement of the dasha, the dasha lord is transitting the Lagna, or is exalted/own sign/friend’s sign [in transit].

The results of the dasha will be unfavorable if the dasha lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house [in transit], or is debilitated or in enemy’s sign [in transit].” Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Of course this principle extends to all the other factors that make a planet favorable or afflicted. Combustion, placement in sandhi and conjunction with malefics are a few other important ones.

As the dasha progresses, the dasha lords will keep moving in transit. Think of these grahas as “activated” due to the fact that they are dasha lords, and pay particular attention to their transits over natal grahas, and house cusps (bhava madya).- When the potential of a current dasha lord in the natal chart is reinforced or repeated in its position in transit, it will most likely trigger an event. For example, if the mahadasha lord rules the 12th house, and transits the 12th from the Moon, it may trigger a 12th house related event.

A more specialized situation of the former principle is found when the dasha lords interact with each other in transit. This could be a conjunction, aspects, sambhanda or yoga formed. If the dasha lords in transit form such a configuration that reinforces the relationship they have in the natal chart, the effects will be strongly manifested and results in an event. As the dasha lords get strong and weak in shadbala in the transit chart, their effects will also rise and fall.
The ashtakavarga scores of the signs transitted by the dasha lords will further affect the favorable or unfavorable results of the dasha period.The above principles should not be used in isolation, but they have to be combined sensibly. Always look for repeating patterns. As stated before, each and every event must be indicated in the natal chart for it to be possible to manifest due to the dashas and transits.Parashara’s Light offers several tools to help you use the above principles.-

When you have a animated transit chart on the worksheet along with a dasha cell, you can right-click on any dasha and the animated transits cell will show the transits at eth time that dasha started. This is very helpful to quickly look at the transits for each dasha change.- The Graphical Ephemeris worksheet shows the dashas and transits alongside. This is helpful to get a month-at-a-time overview of both.- The transit dasha report lets you compile lists of dasha changes and major transits sorted by date.