Roads and out side of building /house

A road on the north side of the property is good, but a road on south side is not so good. If there is only one road, it is best if it is located on the east side. It is not so good if it is located on the west side.plot should not be situated on T.

It is best if the house is built on the southwest section of the land. Any open space should be to the north and east.
Open space on the west side of the land is not good for family’s male member, and building main gate should not be situated opposite of other’s building.

It is inauspicious to block the entrance to a house, such as with a tree or telephone pole. If one of these things is more than twice the distance of the house’s height away, it will not have any effect.
Trash or dirty water should not be kept near a house’s entrance, and neither should be kept near the property’s entrance.