Trees & plants

Flower plant should be planting in the house its better and auspicious.
Tulasi plant is always good to grow in one’s house. Tulasi should be located on the north, northeast, or east sides of the house, or in front of the house. Trees should not be planted in house and in front of the house’s main entrance. There should be an even number of trees on one’s property, not an odd number.
If necessary then Trees should be planted on the south or west sides of the house. It is not good to plant a tall tree on the north, northeast, or east sides of a building.
Smaller trees may be planted on the east or north sides, but no trees should be planted in the northeast corner. Tall trees should not be too close to a building as they block the sunlight. A tree’s shadow should not fall on the house. Large trees should not be located too near the house as their roots can damage the foundation and compound wall. Also, the roots of large trees absorb sunlight quickly, meaning these positive rays will not be received by the building. Do not allow tree branches to touch the house.

Stone sculptures and rock gardens should be located on the southwest side of the house because they are heavy. Thorny plants should not be planted near the house. Cactus should not be planted at all. Thorny plants other than roses have a negative energy. Ideally all thorny plants should be pulled up and destroyed. . Gardens in homes or factories should be in the North or West side of the compound.
A list of good trees to plant: coconut, neem, betal, pineapple, bilva, almond, jackfruit, pomegranate, amla, and katha. Banyan and are sacred trees; they should usually only be planted near a temple or at a sacred place. If you want cut any unusefull tree from your property you should be worship it and express regret that it must be removed from its rooting. Promise to plant a new tree in its place. before cutting the tree.