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Astrology :  Astrology or jyotish illuminates what our future hold for us . It tell us when our planets are in our favour to make action in our service/business/profession/love/ sociallife and others factors of life and when to lie low  due to our malefic planets. At that time we should make patience . We should use this knowledge of the Vedas for improving our life .Astrology is not for people who are fearful and who cannot face the truth and go into depression when faced with the coming shadows cast by malefic planets .Astrology guide us which direction is better for us  to develop and enjoy  our life.
Astrology divided into many branches :
Astro-meterology  : Its useful in predicting weather conditions and related weather study.
Astro- pathology or Medical Astrology   :   Its useful in predicting and study in diseases and related medical work.
Electional Astrology :  Used in calculating auspicious time for and event or search any
muhurat for any events.
Helio-centric Astrology :  Its used to study of solar system and taking Sun as the base
for calculations.
Horary Astrology :  Its used for answering queries and studies.
Jaimini Sutras :  A non conventional method of timing events evolved by a famous Indian astrologer Jaimini Mehrishi.
Judicial Astrology/Mundane Astrology :  Its used to predicting important events relating different countries,such as wars,earthquakes, political events,financial position,etc.
Kabala Astrology : A branch of astrology based on numbers.
Kerala Astrology : A branch of astrology in which the astrologer asks the querrist to
name of a flower or colour or touch a part of his body,to give predictions.
Nadi Astrology : A branch of astrology in which it is believed that all the important events of the life of an individual have been scribed before hand.
Nashtajatakam : A branch of astrology where we find or trace a lost horoscope or The
art of tracing a lost horoscope.
Natal Astrology : The common astrology.
Female astrology or Streejataka : A branch of astrology in which some special features about female natives have been discussed or study.
Tajikashastra : A branch of astrology where we study to find out yearly fortunes of a
Some allied branches 
Astro-Palmistry , Cheirognomy,  Cheiromancy, Numerology, Omens, Palmistry , 
Phrenology , Physiognomy,  Plantarology,








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