The main bedroom should be on the southwest or northwest side of the house.The children’s bedrooms should be in the northwest or west.One should sleep in his own house with his head in east or south.Bedrooms on the northeast side of the house will also cause trouble.

Newly married couples should not use a bedroom on the east side. Guest bedrooms are best located in the northwest corner, but can also be located in the northeast corner. Bedroom walls should be painted a light rose, light blue, light green, pink, etc.

The door should be set in the east, west or north, and should ideally be one shutter. The wardrobe should be located on the northwest or southwest side of the bedroom.
TV, heaters, and air conditioners should be located in the southeast corner. The southwest corner of the room should not be vacant.

An attached bathroom could be built on the west or north sides of the room. safe, should be located on the south wall, opening north. Never keep the bedroom pitch dark.