Ugadi Ugadi or Yugadi is one of the most important Hindu festivals which have derived its name from two Sanskrit words: Yug and Adi, meaning Age and New Beginning respectively, which on putting together means “The Beginning of New Age”. … Read More

Hariyali Teej

Hariyali Teej   Teej is a fasting festival for Hindu women. It takes place on the third day of the Shukla Paksha of the Sawaan month of the Hindu calendar, which normally falls between late July to early September. This … Read More

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha bandhan Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is celebrated on a full moon day in the month of Shravan (August) according to the Hindu calendar. It’s the day when brothers and sisters reaffirm their affectionate bond. It is typically a Hindu … Read More


Pongal Pongal is the festival to celebrate Uttarayana, the northward journey of the Sun from the south. It is celebrated on the first day of the month of Thai, the tenth month in the Tamil calendar. The festival is known … Read More

Navratri Puja

Navratri Puja  Navratri festival is celebrate in Ashwin month according to hindu calendar or in october ‘Nav’ means ‘nine’ and ‘ratri’ means ‘night’. Thus, ‘Navratri’ means ‘nine nights’. There are many legends attached to the conception of Navratri like all … Read More

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti Makar sankranti festival is celebrate in january month in all india. Makar Sankranthi, or Sankranti is a popular Indian festival. It is celebrated in many parts of the country and also in some other parts of the world … Read More

Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir jayanti Mahavir jayanti is celebrated in march or april month every year in india. The religious festival of Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated by the Jain community to commemorate the birth of the Lord Mahavira. Mahavira was the 24th and … Read More

Maha Shivratri

Maha Shivratri Maha shivratri is celebrate in march month in all india or world. Mahashivaratri is a Hindu festival celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. It falls on the13th night/14th day in the month of Magh or Phalgun as … Read More


Lohri Lohari is seasonal festival celebrated on 13th january every year in mostly north india( punjab ) by punjabi’s family. Lohri, a seasonal festival of North India is as old as that of story of Indus Valley civilization itself. The … Read More

Krishna Janmashtmi

Krishna janmashtami Krishna janmashtami celebrate august month in all india. This festival is celebrated all over India in the Hindu month of Shravan (August/September) on the ‘Ashtami’ or the eighth day of Krishna Paksh or dark fortnight. Janmashtami is also … Read More