Importance of House position

It should in his sign of exaltation or own house. Even if he is in his own sign, he would show better results in respect of the house he occupies.
If he is in an enemy’s sign, he would show little good, would rather pull down the good effects. If he is in great enemy’s sign or debilitated, he is very weak, capable of conferring very little benefit and may cause immense harm.

The lord of the house should not occupy a bad house. The sixth, eight and the twelfth houses are called trik. This is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the three evil ones’ and by usage in astrological parlance, it means the sixth, eight and the twelfth house. These houses have been much condemned in Hindu astrology.
If the planet is unfavorably placed from both the evil becomes stronger.
The lord of the house should be conjoined with or aspected by benefics. If the lord of the house is by conjuction or aspect associated with malefic its efficacy is impaired. There is also an exception to it-if a planet is lord of an angle and the other lord of a trine-their conjunction is good.
The house should be tenanted by benefics and should not be occupied by malefic. Which planet should be treated as benefics?

The house should have the aspect of benefics and not of malefic.
The house should not be hemmed in between malefic. This damages the house.
Predictive astrology states that if malefic are in (a) 2nd and 12th, (b) 4th and 8th, and (c) 5th and 9th, they destroy the good effects of the house. The benefics in the above position enhance the prosperity of the house.

Sambandha between the lords of the following houses: (i) 1 and 5, (ii) 1 and 9, (iii) 1and 4, (iv)1and7, (v)1and10, (vi)4and5, (vii)4and9, (viii)5and7, (ix)5and10, (x)7and9, (xi)9and10, are very good rajayogas.
Hindu astrology the predictions are based on periods and sub-periods—called mahadashas and antardashas respectively, and of course transits are utilized as an aid to supplement the inferences drawn from the mahadashas and antardashas the mahadashas is generally refered to as dasha and the antardasha as antar.

The periods for which the various planets hold sway and the order in which they follow are as follows–

Maha Dasha Table

Sr. No. Planets Period
1 Sun 6 Years
2 Moon 10 Years
3 Mars 7 Years
4 Rahu 18 years
5 Jupiter 16 Years
6 Saturn 19 Years
7 Mercury 17 Years
8 Ketu 7 Years
9 Venus 20 Years