General principles in Astrology 

1. A malefic planet would during its period damage the house it tenants or the house and houses it aspects. This is on the principle that even a brute does not destroy his own house.

2. When a planet owns two houses it gives during the first half of its period the effects due to ownership of the house which comes first when counted from the ascendant.

3. When a planet owns two signs—–one sign falling on a good house and the other of an evil one, if it occupies the signs which falls on a good house—–it shows good effect irrespective of its owning the other bad one.

4. In the beginning a planet shows the effect of the house it is in, then of the sign and navansha it occupies, and then of the planets conjoined with or inspecting it.

5. If a planet is strong by sign but debilitated in navansha, it does not show much good; on the hand it may show evil results if other factors so warrant.

6. Since Rahu and Ketu do not own any house, Rahu shows the effect of the house he tenants and also of the planet he is conjoined with. So does Ketu.