Definition and types of Houses

Houses :- The Earth is rotating on its axix, so planets make different angles with eastern horizon as viewed from the place of birth , and this angle determines th house position of a planet. The Sun and the Moon are the lord of one house each. but Mars ,Mercury Jupiter , Venus and Saturn are be the lord of two houses each and Rahu and Ketu do not have own any sign so they do not become lords of any house.

There are total twelve houses in our birth chart these called as kendra ,Panaphara, apoklima,trikona as following :-
1. The first ,fourth,seventh and tenth house are called angles or kendra. Planets herein are deemed to be strong.
2. The second, fifth. eighth, and eleventh houses are called succedent or panaphara houses. Planets herein except the eighth are deemed fairly strong but not so strong as in the angles.
3. The third, sixth, ninth,and the twelfth are called cadent or apoklima houses. Planets herein except the ninth are considered weak ,but malefic in the sixth are deemed to be well placed .
4. The fifth and the ninth houses are called trines or trikona. Lord of trines and planets placed therein are considered good and strong.
5. The third , sixth , tenth and eleventh houses are called upachaya houses or increasing.
6. The sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are called Trik or the three evil ones.
Planets placed therein and planets which are lords thereof are not considered good. all the affairs of the world health ,wealth , and happiness, sex life illness legacies, enemies, etc.