The effect of planets in the twelve houses – 3

Ninth House

Sun :- Has an inimical attitude towards his father and religious preceptor; follows the tenets of religion other than his own; rich; blessed with sons; leads a happy and comfortable life.
Moon :- Devoted to father, manes and gods; has a sacrificing spirit; blessed with sons, friends and relations; the native is rich and fortunate.
Mars :- Sinful (his acts may be against the moral code); his attitude to his father will be refractory or there may be premature separation from father; but the native become well renowned.
Mercury :- Blessed with wealth and sons; leads a happy and comfortable life; is moral and religious; learned; his conduct is commendable
Jupiter :- Devoted to religious austerities; wise and religious; becomes a minister to a king or occupies an equally eminent position
Venus :- Endowed with wealth and learning; blessed with good wife and sons; rich; religious; enjoys luxurious paraphernalia
Saturn :- Wealthy; has sons; leads a comfortable life; more philosophical than religious; famous for his exploits in a battlefield (i.e., a good fighter in his sphere of work) matrimonial happiness is curtailed
Rahu :- Wealthy and famous; not much inclined to follow the religious code; contradicts others in speech; inimical to father
Ketu :- Eloquent; proud and brave; of fiery temperament; not religious; talks ill of others; ostentatious; inimical to father.

Tenth House

Sun :- Well-bred and virtuous; learned, brave and strong; inherits parental wealth; rises to an eminent position, leads a happy and comfortable life.
Moon :- Heroic and religious; intelligent and rich; well up in arts; is successful in all his projects; enjoys luxurious paraphernalia; much enjoyment in life.
Mars :- Very rich and leads a comfortable life, best suited to a career where he has to bear arms or to deal with fire (furnaces), very brave and strikes terror in the hearts of his enemies; becomes renowned by his actions. Unless Mars is in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn, this position of Mars is unfavourable for father.
Mercury :- Brave; mirthful; rich; leads a happy and comfortable life; gets renowned; learned and diplomatic.
Jupiter : – Successful in his undertaking; religious and of good conduct; wealth and much respected; learned.
Venus :- Gains money from women or agriculture; the native occupies a superior position and leads a happy and comfortable life.
Saturn :- Rich, endowed with paraphernalia of comforts; very bold and proud; a strict disciplinarian; he may occupy a position of authority where he inflicts punishment or penalty on others; brings renown to his family.
Rahu :- Aggressive in conduct; lacking in amiable manners; the native would be inclined to make money by unfair means; ever eager to take up cudgels.
Ketu :- Fond of travelling; strong and very heroic; popular; opposes others; well up in arts and crafts; is inclined to spiritual knowledge.

Eleventh House

Sun :- Very rich; has sons, wife, servants and a comfortable life; gains from government or highly placed people.
Moon :- Affluent; gains through common people, ladies and aqueous or white products; gets mental depression and is worried without good cause; well renowned.
Mars :- Bold; richer clever in speech; given to much sexual indulgence.
Mercury :- Earns much money and fame due to his learning or trading; very wealthy.
Jupiter :- Good income; powerful friends; is intelligent and learned; very rich and renowned.
Venus :- Gains money through art, aesthetics, white products, women, articles of Fashion, automobile industry, cinema, fond of travelling; is inclined to have liaison with others wives; leads a comfortable life.
Saturn :- Enjoys all kinds of luxuries; gains handsome amount from the government, common-masses, iron, oil, petrol, minerals or agriculture; very rich.
Rahu :- A good fighter; learned and rich; gains from open as well as hidden sources; impairs the power of hearing.
Ketu :- Much respected by other people and liked by them; of good actions; presides over people; very illustrious; contended; does not indulge in much enjoyment.

Twelfth House

Sun :- Fallen from good conduct; preserving; eye-trouble; heavy expenditure; does not have patronage of highly placed people, deformity in some limb .Fond of travelling; blessed with sons.
Moon :- May visit foreign countries and live there for some time; not large hearted; trouble in some part of the body.
Mars :- His actions are derogatory; eye and teeth trouble; likely to be accused in a criminal case; indebted; opposes others; not much happiness from wife or sons.
Mercury :- Inimical to relations; not intelligent; the conduct is not straightforward.
Jupiter :- Fond of travelling; not so religiously inclined: his actions will be bereft of kindness.
Venus :- Not much happiness in respect of relations; of wicked disposition; enjoy life; may have several extra-marital relationship.
Saturn :- Devoid of wealth; restless mind; eye-trouble; premature teeth decay; not intelligent; fallen form good conduct.
Rahu :- Rich; not agreeable in manners, but inclined to do well; suffers from disease in a limb.
Ketu :- Waste of accumulated or inherited wealth; fond of travelling; not virtuous in conduct.

While the delineating the effects of planets, it should be borne in mind whether the planet is in own house; friend’s sign; neutral’s sign or enemy’s sign