Healing Power of Gems Stones

Healing Power of Gems Stones
Certain gems and stones have magical powers of the healing and fortune giving . gems have made life happier fir many individuals.These are widely used to get benefit from the planets as these little gems carry never ending source of rays of the planets and continue gemstones1their effects even after years.

Gems counteract the bad effects of the planets and get us luck, fortune, prosperity, status, knowledge, concentration, good health , name and fame.
Performing remedial measures and wearing stone for a particularly planet helps increase the positive aspects of the planet in the horoscope, scientifically recital of mantra for a particular planet forms a protection layer around man. Stone increase the benefic aspects by concentrating rays of the planet and causing this energy to flow into the human body.

To obtain the full benefic effects of the stone wear it when moon is the within a specific constellation on a specified day and time. Wearing it in the specified Nakshatra enhances the benefic effects of the stone. Take the stone of a size specified or greater in fraction of ¼ ratti, rejecting fractions of ¾ ratti. Get it studded in the specified metal such that it touches the finger from the bottom. A wrong judgment of wearing of wrong stone and gems can play havoc and harmful in our life.

Gemstone or birth stone are given below link :- 

Ruby (Maanik)
Pearl (Moti)
Yellow sapphire (Pukharaj)
Emerald (Panna)
Diamonds (Heera)
Red coral ( Moonga)
Blue sapphire ( neelam)
Gomeda ( hessonite)
Cat’s eye ( lehsuniya)
Selection of Gem stone on the basis of date of birth
Selection of Gemstone based on first letter of the Name




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