Roof, Balconies and Verandahas

The roof of the house should slope towards the northeast , North, East , and rainwater should flow to the north, east, or northeast direction.

Balconies, verandahs, and terraces should ideally be built on the north, northeast, or east sides of the house,but not on the south or west sides of the house. If a balcony is on the southwest side of a house, it should be covered and closed.

The floor or roof over a balcony or terrace should be lower than the floor or roof of the main building. The verandah’s corners should not be rounded, and balconies should not be arches.

Flower pots on the verandah should be kept in size of small. No creepers should be planted on the verandah. The seats on the verandah should be set on the south or west sides.