How to predict using dashas

There is a complete set of rules that can be used in the interpretation of dashas, but what we present here is a small, manageable set of the most important ones.

1. A dasha will give the results according to its position in the chart.This is the most straightforward rule of all; whatever potential a Graha indicates in the chart, that is what it will manifest in it’s dasha period. The house position, lordships, aspects, yogas, and whatever else you use in interpreting the Graha’s effects, can all be used for making dasha predictions.

2. Considering the dasha lord as Lagna, the dasha will be according to the chart.If you consider the dasha lord as Lagna, read the 12 houses relative from that Lagna. Look for any striking features in the chart; are any of the houses particularly strong or weak? What houses does the dasha lord rule when it is considered as Lagna? Where is the “new” Lagna lord placed?

3. The dasha will be according to the dasha lord in transit.It is very important to consider the position in transit during the course of the dasha. Various contrasting effects that are expected within the same dasha may come about when the dasha lord transits the houses that relate to those effects. In general, when positive effects are expected, they could manifest when the Dasha lord transits through the kendras and trikona houses. When the natal position and other consideration give reason to predict negative events, those may come about when the dasha lord transits Dusthana houses (6, 8 and 12).

4. Yogas manifest in the Maha and Antar dasha of the yoga forming planets.Any Grahas that form a yoga with the Maha dasha lord, will manifest that yoga during it’s antar dasha. With yoga, any noteworthy interaction or combination is meant. For example, two Grahas may be conjunct, and the result of that conjunction (whatever your prediction is) will manifest when one of these two is Mahadasha, and the other is the Antardasha.

5. Weak planets will give weak results, strong planets give strong results.Grahas that are weak in Shad Bala, will not be able to take their promises up to full fledged manifestation. Such dasha period may have the flavor of what the Graha indicates, but the matters will not come about fully. Strong Grahas however, will manifest their potential clearly and pronounced, and bring about concrete happenings.

6. Nothing can happen that is not indicated in the chart.Regardless of what of kind prediction you come up with using the above rules, it will not come true unless the potential is there in the chart. A person who has a chart that indicates great wealth throughout life, will not become poor because the Mahadasha rules the 12th house and transits the 8th! Make predictions that make sense in the context of the overall chart and what you know about the person’s social status.