Living (sitting) Room

The living room should be on the north ,East or north-east side of the house. Furniture should be square or rectangular, not round or oval. It is good if the ceiling slopes down toward the north-east direction. The air-conditioner should be in the west, not the southeast.
The owner of the house should sit in living room facing East or North sides and visitors should be sit in front of the owner of the house.The heavy furniture and showcase should be placed in South or West direction, it should be rectangular or square. T.V and CD player should be placed in South-East direction.
A.C or Cooler should be placed in West or North direction in the room. Any painting of waterfall, rising Sun provides positive energy in the room.

Furniture should mainly be in the west and south section of the room.The walls should be painted white, yellow, green, or blue. Avoid dark red and black color in the living room. The living room should be clean and bright every time for positive energy in room.