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Kundalini  is a Sanskrit word  meaning is  coiled or it also means the Serpant  power. The kundalini Shakti is different from other primary life force or prana Shakti. It is sleeping in dormant form at the Muladhar chakra. It is the supreme spiritual power in the human body and lies coiled and sleeping dormant at the base of the spine until awakened in Muladhar chakra in human body . It is creative super intelligent force or power of god. Kundalini Shakti is awakened by regular practice of yog – sutras, yog kriya, pranayama kriya, intense devotion and grace of God. According to Rishi muni , yogis the kundalini Shakti is a coiled snake sleeping in two & half round at Muladhar Chakra.

Kundalini is the divine liquid fire that rushes up through the interior of spine known as Sushumana Nadi and pierces through the six chakraone by one.  Chakras are the internal energy centres in the astral body. Ida, Pingla and Sushumana are the three main nadis in our astral body. Without the awakening of kundalini Shakti is said to be the cosmic energy force or power of the divine that created the universe and it is constantly evolving and developing new materials, atomic and sub- atomic particles and their different innumerable forms. Kundalini is the super intelligent cosmic energy behind consciousness responsible for the involution of human beings. Generally Kundalini Shakti is spontaneously awakened with the grace of god . If Kundalini is awakened without prior purifying of the body mind and spirit, it may give or create great trouble or problems like mental problems, or some unaspected diseases or mysterious symtoms to most of the yogis. Some times its huge mysterious power is uncontrollable by the yogis as the inner passage of sushumanain the spine is not prepared for it . Yogi should not be afraid of awakening of his Kundalini, if he is practicing and following all the Yog-sutras properly. But before it’s awakening he must purify his mind, body and soul. Kundalini is  an initiation for entry into the oceal of divine knowledge.

When the Kundalini pierces the Chakras one by one , there are some subtle inner experiences of subtle worlds to the yogi and he achieves many siddhies(divine miraculous powers and knowledge). Self realization is possible by awakening the Kundalini Shakti and rushing up all the chakras and merging with lord Shiva in Sahasrar.  Kundalini yoga practices helps faster in the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti. After the awakening of the Kundalini the impact of Maya is gradually removed as the Kundalini rises up and pierces the chakras. Aspirant gets victory over the five gross elements gradually. The God and the divine can be grasped only by awakening of Kundalini through devotion and true sadhna. Love and devotion unites us with God, but Maya seperates us from God. Maya completely vanishes only when Kundalini Shakti arises and meets the Lord Shiva sitting in Sahasrar  chakra at top of the skull.

Kundalini can be awakened by Pranayama, Asanas and Mudras by Hath yogis, by deep concentration and training of mind by  yoga, by extreme devotion and perfect self- surrender by emotional men or bhakti yog , or by Tantras and Mantra by tantriks or by grace of guru as shaktipata. Samadhi is not possible without awakening of the Kundalini and no self realization or Mukti is possible without merging of kundalini with lord Shiva in Sahasrar.

A yogi concentrates to awaken his Kundalini at the earliest through the purification of his body, mind and spirit, through special postures, asanas, pranayama (controlling life force through breath control), bandhas, mudras, satkarmas, and meditation. He mainly concentrates on the anahat inner sound known as Laya yoga. Kundalini yoga is mainly hath yoga, it gives bliss, joy and liberation to soul. After  awakening of kundalini you may feel like your rebirth.

The unseen life force (prana) is subtle, hidden and difficult to control, it governs our physical body automatically. It is received through Medulla Oblongata, distributed in the body through Aggya(Obey) chakra and other chakras.  The prana is flowing downward in the spine outgoing into the sex organs, through a coiled passage at the base of the spine in the coccyx known as Kundalini sleeping in Muladhara. This outgoing life force stimulates the sex instinct unites male & female, and is utilized or wasted in sexual activity.

Kundalini awakening is the most important event in the life of a sadhak or yogi.Awakening of kundalini is a complete transformation of life takes place until he realizes that he achieved or get the brahmm .After the awakening of this dormant power, new visions and phenomenons are experienced by the person.

Kundalini Shakti and Yoga

Kundalini Shakti

Kundalini Shakti  Awakening

Mooladhar  Chakra

Swadhisthan  Chakra

Manipur  Chakra

Anahat  Chakra

Vishuddha  Chakra

Aggya  Chakra

Sahastrara Chakra

Body Organs to Activate  Kundalini Shakti

Precautions for  Yogi

Yoga to Awakening of  Kundalini Shakti

Yoga sutras to achieve self–realization

Ashans and Mudras

Padamashan and Sukhashan

Sarvang Aashan

Hal Aashan

Matsya Aashan

Paschimottan Aashan

Ardh Matsyendra Aashan

Vajra Aashan

Bhujang Aashan

Dhanur Aashan

Merudand Aashan

Shav aashan

Jalneti kriya

Mudras and Bandhas

Useful Instructions for Pranayam

Bandhas in Pranayam

Pranayama for awakening of Kundalini

Nadi-Suddhi Pranayam

Surya Namaskaras

Kundalini shakti blessing us Eight Major Siddhis

Comfortable Pranayam

The Pranic Healing Pranayama (Reiki)

Distant pranic  Healing (Reiki)

General Benefits of Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama

Ujjayi Pranayama and Plavini Pranayama

Suryabhedi Pranayama & Jalandhara Bandha

Khechari Mudra

Shakti Chalana Mudra and Jyoti Mudra

Useful Exercises for health

Some Sub-Pranas Are Working In Our Living Body

Maha Mudra & Maha Bandha

Purifiction of physical Body, Nadi, Mind & intellects

The Minor Siddhi or Riddhi

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