The Position of Plot/Land

The best shapes for plots of land are square or rectangular, facing squarely on the four cardinal directions in 90o angles. Plot is good if it is narrower at the entrance and wider at rear.Round, oval, and triangular plots should be avoided these are not good in vastu. If the land is cut in the corner this is not good and auspicious.

The land should either slope down toward the north or east, but not toward the west or south. Land sloping north brings good fortune, sloping south brings ruin, and sloping west brings financial loss.
The boundary walls around a property should be higher in the west and south and lower in the north and east.the ratio between length and breadth of the building and also plot should be 1:1 or 1:1.5 or not more than 1:2 ratio and dimension should be longer in north-south.
Land extending on the northeast side is very good. Extensions on any other side are inauspicious. Extensions of the northwest side will cause you to lose money and peace.