The effect of planets in the twelve houses – 2

Fifth House

Sun  :- Impairs the longevity of sons; devoid of wealth; likes to live at a place other than his homeland; not of fixed determination; favoured by the government.
Moon  :- Is inclined to prayers through religious incantations; rich, benevolent and kind; steady application to resolution; has sons.
Mars  :- There may be illness to or premature death of a child or aspected by benefics; stomach trouble; rich and enjoy life; cruel; fond of traveling; not very religious; very brave and active.
Mercury  :- Endowed with good name and fame and education; has a good wife and sons; wealthy and strong; clever in achieving his objectives by incantations or sacred prayers; may become a counselor or minister or work in advising capacity.
Jupiter  :- Intelligent, virtuous, having many good qualities and attainments; has paraphernalia of luxuries but has limited number of sons.
Venus  :- Is of very adorable appearance; have good sons; friends and wealth; commands a host of subordinates and conveyances; leads a comfortable life.
Saturn  :- Proud, long lived, very active but not happy; is virtuous and religious and overcomes a host of enemies; an unfavourable positions for sons and wealth.
Rahu :- Timid, compassionate and devoid of wealth.
Ketu :- The native is sickly-there may be chronic stomach trouble; afraid of water; wicked at heart .

Sixth house

Sun : – The native is very proud and heroic he is wealthy and famous respected by the king is strong and overcomes his enemies.
Moon  : – Has a soft body with much protoplasm, the appetite is not strong, the sexual power is weak or moderate easily gets into temper and is indolent have many enemies.
Mars  : – The native is strong and pushing annihilates his enemies good digestive power is wealthy and has a number of men working under him and becomes well known.
Mercury  : – Has no enemies; fond of learning; follows literary pursuits; does not have amiable manners; likely to be quarrelsome; is little inclined to do good to his relations.
Jupiter  :-Lustful not very strong but victorious over his enemies or has no enemies at all. But this position is slightly unfavourable for sons, particularly if Leo or Scorpio is in the rising sign.
Venus  :-Suppresses his enemies; suffers from sorrows; his reputation may be sullied: not happy position for conjugal happiness, particularly if Aries or Scorpio be the rising sign; may have extra-marital relations.
Saturn  :-The native is under constant apprehension and trouble from the enemies, though he ultimately triumphs over them; good digestive power; eats much, rich over-sexed; not agreeable temper.
Rahu  :-Brings credit to the family; long lived; leads happy and comfortable life; overcomes his opponents.
Ketu  :-Earns good name; is fond of his relations and obliges them; is learned; has many excellent qualities.

Seventh House

Sun : – The native suffers insult and humiliation at the hands of or on account of women. He is fiery temper and wicked, incurs enmity of women.
Moon  : –    Very lustful  and  jealous, under the influence of wife /women, merciful fond of travelling has much enjoyment in life.
Mars : – Suffers distress on account of wife /women, there may be premature separation from consort, is fond of fighting takes cudgels against opponents.
Mercury  :- Has good knowledge of religion and sticks to the  moral code well versed in arts and crafts ,mirthful and clever, may suffer from infirmity  in some limb.
Jupiter  : – Excels his father but is not very obedient to his father or the religious preceptor, patient and persevering has a good wife.
Venus :- Handsome and attractive intensely sexual and well up in amours , inclined to picking up quarrels much liked by flirting women may suffer from infirmity in some limb.
Saturn  :- May have a number of liaison , suffers humiliation at the hands of or on account of women, is put too much physical stress and string leads toilsome life with several persons.
Rahu : – Proud, suffers from diseases, inclined to liaison.
Ketu : – Not wise, dejected in speech, indolent and sleepy, fond of travelling, not well bred wife may be sickly. This is a malefic influence and impairs conjugal happiness.

Eighth House

Sun  : – Limited number of sons, impaired eye sight, the native has an endearing personality and has strategic skill in fighting is ever discontented.
Moon : – Very intelligent, but suffers from chronic diseases fond of fighting liberal in giving mirthful follows intellectual pursuits. If the birth be in the dark fortnight and during day or during the bright fortnight during the night the child is long lived otherwise chances of premature death.
Mars  : – Limited sons eye trouble overspends and incurs debts diseases in the anus, dresses unostentatiously, wields authority over a large number of people.
Mercury  : – Very famous and well renowned for his good qualities, a leader the native is rich and courteous.
Jupiter : – Given to low acts intelligent has good memory long lived.
Venus : –   Very strong commands all kinds of luxurious paraphernalia, rich leads a comfortable life but his action may not be commendable.
Saturn : –  the number of sons is limited unless Virgo or Libra is the rising sign, eye sight suffers wealth and vitality suffers but is long lived very chivalrous his temper is easily aroused.
Rahu : – Sickly and dilatory in work has to put up with much trouble earns a bad name.
Ketu : –  Covets other people’s wives and money sickly, very greedy immoral conduct .But if benefics aspect the eighth house the native is rich and long lived.

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