Aditi :
Aditi is the  mother of celestial God  like Surya (Sun), Indra, all others and  the Adityas , who are the powerful sky deities . Aditi means free , unlimited and unbounded . In the Rig Veda, she is described as Devamatri or the mother of the  celestial  Gods . According to the Vishnu Purana, she is daughter of Daksha , wife of Kashyapa and mother of Surya and Indra. Aditi is a protective and forgiving goddess . Aditi is the mother of 12 Aditya whose names are, Vivasvan, Aryama, Pusa, Tvasta,Savita, Bhaga, Dhata, Vidhata, Varuna, Mitra, Satru, and Urukrama (Vishnu was born as Urukrama, the son of Nabhi and Meru.)She is also is the mother of the Vamana  avatar of Vishnu . According to Yajurveda Vishnu was born as the Vamana avatar the son of Aditi in the Shravana month. Many auspicious signs appeared in the Universe, foretelling the good fortune of this child.

Aditi is independent and unrestrained like the infinite span of the sky . Her elusive nature finds its expression in the ever changing hues of the sky, as she reigns supreme as the divine mother . Aditi was regarded as both the sky goddess, and earth goddess, which is very rare for a prehistoric civilization. Because of her free and unfettered nature, she was worshipped for release from restraints of any kind . Childless people begged her for children and farmers prayed to her for the safety of their cattle .

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