According Yogis,and Rishi munis kundalini can be awakened by various methods which can be practiced individually and in combination.There are some various methods to awaken Kundalini shakti or Serpant power are given below:

  • Awakening Kundalini through Birth & Grace of Parents
  • Awakening kundalini through Tapa & Mantra
  • Awakening kundalini through Aushadhi & Tantra
  • Awakening Kundalini through Raja yoga or Hath Yoga
  • Awakening Kundalini through  Pranayam
  • Awakening Kundalini through  Kriya Yoga
  • Awakening Kundalini through  Shaktipat by Guru

Awakening  Kundalini through  Birth or Grace of parents :  If your parents are highly evolved and kundalini awakened, then it is possible you may already have an awakened kundalini . From the time of your birth, your mind nerves and consciousness will be highly evolved and your kundalini will be  awakening already  in some stages . If your kundalini is partial awakened, then you will be able to awakened it completely by Pranayam or Kriya yoga and if you are fully illuminated or your all chakra are awakened then you will become an incarnation . A person who is born with an awakened kundalini can hold the experiences with much control than the other aspirant of kundalini awakening who tries to awaken kundalini with different methods. 

Awakening  Kundalini  through Tap and Mantra :  Awaken kundalini thorugh “Tapasya”, which means that you have to perform austerity. This means that you have to deny yourself, your worldly needs and desires in order to evolve spiritually and to awaken kundalini power. Tapasya purifies you, it eliminates all the dirt and complexes that develop in your psychic plane. These complexes and pattern of behaviour that causes all the pain and sufferings are removed when you do tapasya.Some obastacles may come between resolution and execution of awakening of kundalini but sadhak may removed these obstacles through continuous practice of tapasya. The method of austerity is very strong and practical and certainly not abnormal. When the senses are satisfied with the objective pleasures, by the luxuries and comfort, the brain and the nervous system becomes weak and consciousness undergo a process of regression. In this situation, the method of austerity is one of the powerful and sometimes explosive method of awakening.

Awakening  Kundalini  through  Aushadhi  & Tantra: Awaken kundalini through Aushadhi or herbs and Tantra is third method. Aushadhi is the most powerful and quickest method to awaken kundalini, but it is not meant for all and very few people know about this method. Very rare persons know about these types of herbs or aushadhi which help to awakening of kundalini Shakti. There are herbs which can transform the nature of body and bring about either partial or full awakening, but they should never be used without a guru. It is because there are ceratin herbs that can selectively awaken ida or pingala nadi but there are other herbs also which can supress them and can be very dangerous also. Therefore this method to awaken kundalini is quite risky and unreliable.

Awakening  Kundalini  through  Raja Yoga or Hath Yoga : The raja yoga consists of eight limbs which are basically the steps in a sequential process which ultimately leads to experience of union with the supreme.The path of raja yoga is preceded by hatha yoga practices which makes the mind one pointed and stabilizes the consciousness. The necessary condition for this method is a concentrated and relaxed mind which is very difficult to achieve in modern day-to-day life. Hence this method is quite difficult to practice for majority of people. It is therefore advised that before pursuing this method, one should purify his emotions and karmas with the bhakti yoga and karma yoga.

Awakening Kundalini through  Pranayama: Awakening kundalini through pranayama is fifth and most useful method. Most of sadhak or persons are use thid method to awaken kundalini because this method is very comfort and easy . Pranayama is not only a simple breathing excercise or a method to increase life force in the body, it is a very powerful method to create yogic fire to heat the kundalini and awaken it. However if it is practised without sufficient preparation, then this method to awaken kundalini will not be effective because heat generated will not be directed to proper channels and will get lost in some other parts of body. Therefore practices of the three bandhas i.e. jalandhar, uddiyan and moola bandha to lock the life force or prana in and direct it to frontal brain, is necessary. When the pranayama is practised correctly, the control over mind becomes stronger and stronger. However the effects of pranayama are not simple to manage if you do not have a purified body. It creates extra heat in the body,it awakens some of the centers in the brain.To awaken kundalini through pranayama you should be purify your body by good works or good karmas.

Awakening Kundalini through Kriya yoga : Awakening  kundalini thorugh kriya yoga is sixth and common modern method .This is the simple and practical way of kundalini awakening for modern day individually. kriya yoga is the best and most effective method to awaken kundalini. In the path of kriya yoga, kundalini does not awake with a force, nor does it awake with unusual experiences. It awakens very gently and softly with slow speed. Though you will have certain experiences but they are also controllable. Like sometimes You will not eat for days and at other times you will eat too much, sometimes you will have sleepless nights and at othet times you will do nothing, but sleep and sleep. All these symptoms of awakening and reversion keep on coming but they are not that much strong and you can handle them easily.In this method you should be work unusual way in your life feel some changing symptoms in body.

Awakening kundalini through Shaktipat by Guru : Awakening Kundalini through Shaktipat by guru is the seventh easy method. Shaktipat means transfer of the spiritual energy. This method to awaken kundalini is performed by your guru or mentor. In this method, the awakening is instant, and easy but it is not permanent or life time. When the awakening is done with the help of guru, you will experience “samadhi” even without proper preparation. You will be able to do all asanas and pranayamas without having learned them and prepared for them. Changes takes place in physical body immediately and skin becomes soft and eyes glow and a divine aura develops around your body. The shaktipat can be done by physical touch or from a distance. The medium for shaktipat depends upon your guru and his choice. Your eligibility for shaktipat does not depend on your lifestyle but it depends on the point of evolution which you have reached and that can be identified by your guru only.

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