Sarvang aashan : Lie down flat on your back postion and slowly raise your legs vertically Sarvang Aasanupward along with your trunk and hips. Support your back with your hands on either side and rest your elbow on the ground base. Press your chin against your chest to make Jalandhar bandh. Keep the legs straight & upward and retain the breath as long as you can and  slowly exhale through nose. Remain in this posture for as much time as you can comfortably. Then bring back your legs and body to lie down flat on the floor and relax your whole body for some time with deep breath.

Benefits from the Aashan : In this posture of Sarvangasan the head is at the lowest  level of gravity, it supplies maximum amount of blood and prana to the brain to flow for a while. It relaxes & vitalizes the brain and removes many diseases connected with brain. It promotes the functions of the brain faculties. It increases memory, mental power and intelligence etc. it removes mental fatigue. You can hear the Anahat sounds clearly during this asanas. It helps in maintaining celibacy and controls over the nightfall during dreams , so that we can say that it is the preserver of youth and their power. The lazy man becomes energetic to do all kind of works efficiently. In the old age the vertebras of the spine become hard and brittle known as ossification or hardening. Its help in diseases of intestine and stomach.

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