Merudand Aashan : Stand straight and lift your hands up along with breathing in .Bow down forward while breathing out, contract stomach inside and try to touch your feet.
After a while stand straight up while breathing in. Then bend your spine backward as much as you can . Then bend forward backward. Repeat the same bowing backward, right side and left side this is one cycle and repeat as many cycles as you can. Then rotate your spine clockwise and anti clockwise, along with your hands keeping horizontally Merudand asansuspended.


Benefits : This asan especially effects spine, Ida, Pingla, and Sushumna Nadis. It is very useful to reduce the bulging stomach.It reduces obecity and the enlarged spleen and liver. It activates the flow of Prana in the Brahma Nadi , Sushumana and stimulate in awakening the Kundalini. It increases the gastric fire. It stimulates the functioning of abdominal viscera, kidney, liver, dyspepsia and gastritis. It cures piles, prostate, nerves bladder and diabetes etc.

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