Pranayam for Purification of Nadis : The Purification of Nadis is the main consideration in the early stage of Kundalini Yoga. If the Nadis are impure the ascent of Kundalini is blocked in the Sushumana, so that purifies of nadis is very important for awakening of Kundalini shakti. The yogi should be sit in any comfortable asana like padamasan or Sukhasan with erect spine and relaxed body. First you should prayer to god  and Guru, then concentrate your mind or gaze at the point between the eyebrows. Close the right nostril with your right thumb and then inhale through Ida or left nostril til you count 16 times of Om beej mantra  then retain  breath until you count 64 times om beej mantra , then exhale breath through Pingla or right nostril for 32 count of beej mantra.

Pranayam mudra

Pranayam Mudra

Then reverse the kriya  inhale breath through Pingla or right nostril till you recet Om beej mantra 16 times, then retain breath until you recet Om beej mantra 64 times, then exhale breath through Ida or left nostril till you recet Om beej mantra 32 times or count. So its complete one cycle, these type of cycle , you should be complete five times  daily. Gradually you may increase you time of pranayam as per your comfortable position. You may purifiy your Nadis through this process easily.

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