Bhastrika Pranayama

For Bhastrika pranayama you should be sit comfortable in any asana like padamasan or sukhasana with crect spine. Close your mouth and Inhale and exhale forcibly and rapidly for 20 times like the bellows. Constantly dilate your lung at inhale and contract your lung at exhale repeatedly. Start with a forcibly and repeatedly. Concentration on exhale & inhale and retain will be atomatically.

At the end when you are tired, inhale a deep breath and retain it comfortable for as much time as you can and then you exhale slowly. Rest for while after one round and enjoy the peace inside. This is one cycle of the exercise. Increase your rounds from  3 to 20 gradully but comfortably. Bhastrika pranayama  can be done even in standing position. In the similar way one has to breath in and out rapidly.


  • Reduces phlegm and cure asthma and all the disease of nose, lungs and throat inflammation.
  • Improves digestion, eradicates asthma and the diseases concerning with excess of ges and bile.
  • It produces warmth in the body.
  • Bhastrika enables the prana to flow forcibly in three main Ghanthis  in the Chakras,through which the Kundalini has to pierce.

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