The Minor Siddhies or Riddhies

When any Yogi or aspirant practice regular many asanas or yogas and tried to awakening of Kundalini shakti or sarpant power, then he achieve their target or awaken their Kundalini shakti then a yogi may acquires the following minor Siddhis known  as Riddhis on awakening of the kundalini shakti or Serpant power:

  1. Freedom from the effects of heart and cold .
  2. Freedom from raga- Dvesha .
  3. Clairvoyance (vision of far places) i.e. Doora-Darshan like Tele-vision .
  4. Clairaudience (Listen from far place) i.e. Doora- Sravan/Sruti/Pravachana .
  5.  Mano –Jaya (Victory over Mind) .
  6. The yogi can take any form he likes i.e. kama Rupa e.g. Ravana, Mareech, Hanuman etc.
  7. Prakaya pravesha: yogi can enter into the body of another man. He can also animate a dead body and enter into it by transferring his soul .
  8. Iksha  Marityu: yogi gets the victory over his death & can die at his will e.g. Bhism pitamaha.
  9. Devanam Saha kreeda and Darshana: yogi gets the vision and plays with deities .
  10. Yatha Sankalpa: yogi gets whatever he wishes and likes .
  11. Trikala- Gyana: Knowledge of past,present and future  .
  12. Advandva : Beyond the pairs of opposites. So many achieves this.
  13. Vak siddhi: Whatever the yogi predicts will happen i.e. true prophecy, e.g. Most of gods & spiritual men (Rishies) of sat –yuga & treat yuga had this power.
  14. The yogi can turn any metal into gold & gold into metal or sand or anything. so many yogis can do it .
  15. Kaya-Vyauha : yogi can manifest as many body as he likes to exhaust his karmas in one life.
  16. Darduri – siddhi : the jumping power like a frog.
  17. Patala-Siddhi : yogi achieves victory ocer all the desires, destroys sorrows and diseases. So many achieve this.
  18. Yogi gets the knowledge of his past lives e.g. Bhisma Pitamaha, lard Krishna & many others.
  19.  Yogi gets knowledge of the cluster of stars and planets e.g. Maharishi Bhirgu.
  20.  Yogi gets the power of perceiving & contacting the siddhas and gods in the astral worlds .
  21.  Yogi gets mastery over five gross elements: Earth water , fire, air , ether and , mastery over the prana. Almost all gets this power.
  22.  Kama- chari: one can move to any place he likes. Yogi gets the power of omnipotence, omni presence and omni science.
  23. Yogi is able to point out the underground places, where a hidden treasure lies.
  24. Freedom from hunger and thirst .
  25. Vayu- siddhi: yogi becomes light, levitate and rises in the air above the ground and remain suspended as long as he likes. So many get it including the Rakshasas.

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