The Pranic Healing Pranayama (Reiki)

By the continuous practice of the pranayama exercises and other aphorism of yoga one can impart his pranic energy to others for the healing of their morbid diseases. The advanced aspirants (sadhaks) can recharge their bodies with prana energy and are able to transfer the same to the diseased man. One should not be afraid and think that his own pranic energy will be depleted due to the distribution of life energy to others. Rather it will flow more through him, as the knowledge never decreases by distributing it to others. This is a a spiritual law.

Before practicing this technique on others, one should learn firsrt to direct his own pranic healing energy to his own diseased part of the body. Most of our diseases are simply due to the lack of the pranic- energy flowing in the diseased part. But by our strong will and regular practice it is possible to send and direct the pranic-energy to flow in any organ of our body. When one gets mastery over his own body, then he may apply it to others.

Hiranyagarbha  is the cosmic source (ocean) of pranic- energy. Suppose you have a sluggish kidney and want to cure it. Sit comfortably on your asana. Do nadi suddhi & sukha purvaka pranayama. Close your eyes. Concentrate on Hiranyagarbha to charge your body fully with pranic-energy. Then direct the pranic-energy to flow in your kidney. Concentrate and fix your mind at the diseased part (kindey) for same time. Then by your strong will power direct the  prana to penetrate the tissues of kidney.

During  the exhalation of breath imagine that all the diseases are flowing out through your breath. Repeat it 10 times. Since the pranic-energy has got infinite intelligence to cure, to repair the tissues and do the regenerative microscopic constructive works; therefore the disease part will be cured. Pranic healing may not be instantaneous it may take few days to cure a disease.

By the regular practice of pranayama and asans a yogi simply send the mysterious life-energy forcibly to all the different organs of his body. This keeps the physical body of the yogi healthy free from all diseases. A yogi need not run after the allopathic doctors and medicines for day today heath problems. The natural herbs and pranic-energy-healing (Naturopathy)are the best gifts of god given to humanity to keep it self healthy.

If some body is suffering with lack of life-enegry in his diseased organ, an advanced ogi may help him to provide the life-energy. He charges his body with the life-energy by pranayama, by concentraning at Hiranyagarbha. Then he should touch or massage the diseased organ of the patient. Then he should imagine that the cosmic energy is flowing through his hands to the diseased organ of the patient. The life-energy will obey him and the patient will be cured in few days.

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