Maha Mudra & Maha Bandha

The practice of maha mudra is necessary most useful before the fourteen kriyas of kriya yoga practice. It is very effective in straightening the spine and in the flow of proper distribution of life energy into spine and all parts of the body. It is done three times each in morning and in evening.

Sit with erect spine. Press the anus with the left heel. Draw the right leg up against the body, while inhaling slowly with a silent sound of ‘Aum’ or “aawwa” Retain and try to press the right leg towards chest with your interlocked fingers of hands. While holding the breath out stretch the right leg forward on the floor. Grasp the  right foot with interlocked hands and try to touch your chin with you right leg.

Sit up with inhaling breath with sound “Aaaa” make the spine erect with an exhaling slow breath with a mental sound of “EEee”. Feel a hot current is flowing through the spine from Aggyia chakra to muladhara chakra while exhaling.

Repeat by reversing all the above steps by placing the left heel on the right thigh. Repeat all the above  steps with both the legs drawn up against your body instead of one leg. Then stretch straight both the legs on the ground. The above three forms one cycle of maha mudra.

The cycle should be repeated three times. If you are not able to touch your chin with your legs flat on the floor, do not do it forcibly. You may get success after a few days of practice.

Maha –Mudra and Maha-Bandha stops the decay of body cells and preserves the youthfulness. It purifies Sushumana, Ida and Pingla nadis. Yogis achieve many Siddhis by this Mudra.