Aquarius Sun Sign Zodiac Horoscope/Forecast 2018

Aquarius or Kumbha :   Aquarius or Kumbha is ruling by Saturn or Shani dev. Dhanishtha, Satabhisha, Poorvabhadrapada constellations are ruled by Mars, Rahu and Jupiter, respectively. Aquarians are independent, attractive and intellectual personalities practical and idealistic and spiritual mind. Their humanitarian approach and amiable nature will make even a stranger feel comfortable with them. They often take to rudeness and the silence that may burst out suddenly in extreme temper. Their straight forward counters can startle people around.You are a successful contracto, builder, leather industrialist, traveling agent, motor parts industry owner etc. You are also successful in government departments.

According to Planet’s position in your horoscope, your decision will be the foundation of your progress in this year. Your focus will be mainly focused on earning and you will also be successful in earning profits from your hard work. Your financial situation will be very strong. The sum of long trips is also being done this year. According to Horoscope 2018 this year you will make wise decisions.

If you pay attention, your health can also improve and you can get relief from a long-standing disease. You will get praise from the superiors. You will spend time in good activities. Love and affection will remain in marital life. Although early two months of the year are a little challenging, because there may be some quarrels during this or your life partner’s health may also be a little confusing.

Those who are in love, they have to pay a little more attention; At the same time they also need to understand each other more. Students will work hard Children may be a little annoyed, but remember – they need love to flourish. Overall, this year will be positive for you . Take care and god bless you.
You should worship the God Shiva and chant the Mantra as : Om Namah Shivay

Your Lucky Factors are as :
Favourable Color – Blue and Black
Favourable day – Saturday and Friday
Lucky Number – 8 (Eight)
Best wishes for you in this year

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