Important Body organs to activate or awaken Kundalini Shakti :

Nadi :

Nadis are the pathways or astral body to the flow of the Life force or psychic currents. The pranic currents or vital force flow through these nadis. Nadis are not made up of any physical matter and are not the ordinary physical nerves, the doctors are not able to detect these in the physical body.There are many thousands nadis and sub nadis are in the astral body of human body. Nadis are play very important roll to activate or awaken kundalini
Shakti or Serpant power in our body.


Position of nadisThere are mainly Three nadis are important in our body which names are given below :

  1. Ida Nadi
  2. Pingala Nadi
  3. Sushumna Nadi 

 Even in these three nadis, Sushumna is the most important one. Ida and Pingala represents the two opposite energies present in our body. Ida, Pingala and Sushumna all Nadis are meet at the Mooladhara chakra and make a knot there and also currents of Prana which flows continuously through the body.

 Ida Nadi :  Ida starts from the right testicle and posseses passive, introvert, and is also known as “Chandra (Moon) Nadi”. If breath is flowing more through your left nostril, it indicates that Ida nadi is dominating in your body. When your left nostril intakes more amount of breath, it signifies that your mind is more active and introvert. You can perform any mental task with more efficiency in this state. if your ida nadi becomes more active then your digestive system will slow down and you may experience constipation.

Pingla Nadi :  Pingala starts from the left testicle and possesses active, extrovert and is also known as “Surya (Sun) Nadi”. When breath flow is more in right nostril, it signifies that Pingala nadi is more active.When right nostril intakes more amount of breath i.e. your pingala nadi is active, it means that your body is performing more physical functions, digestive process etc and your life force is being used in these processes. In this state, you mood will be extrovert and you will feel more warmth in your body.  In night, if your pingala nadi becomes active, you will feel unrest and improper sleep. In the same way, at the time of lunch

Sushumana Nadi : Sushumana nadi is the most important among all the nadis. It is also known as brahma nadi. It is analogous to the central spinal cord. It start from the Mooladhara chakra and end at the Sahastrara or supreme chakra.The awakened kundalini rise up through the Sushumana Nadi. All karmic deeds are stored in the central Sushumana Nadi in the form of miniature astral body known as suksham sharira or miniature body.When sushumana Nadi will activate ,there is a visible glow on the face of the person and victory over most of his diseases. Yogi or Sadhak becomes more spiritual and peaceful.

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