Precautions for Yogi at the time of awakening of Kundalini Shakti or Serpant power:

  1. The Sadhak or Yogi should be follow strictly all the Yama and Niyama as per scriptures.
  2. Yogi should be attend Satsang and Kirtan regularly, and make practice of yogasans, pranayams, meditations  daily in proper guidance of Guru.
  3. Keep silence or Maun vrat for the maximum period and avoid useless talking.
  4. Yogi or Sadhak should be chant “ Om Namah Shivay “ Mantra or your Guru mantra and concentrate in God’s pray and dhyan.
  5. Yogi or Sadhak should be Avoid or control sexual life for some time and concentrate your mind in god’s pray, songs, satsang, kirtan, and Samadhi.
  6. Yogi or Sadhak should be take bath daily in early morning and wear simple cotton cloths.
  7. Yogi or Sadhak should be avoid to think negative and talk negatively in normal time.
  8. Yogi or Sadhak should not be taken or avoid any medicine, alchohal, smoking, drugs, etc at the time of any body ache problems.
  9. Yogi or Sadhak should be take only normal satwik food like milk, fruits, vegetables, salad, dry fruits, juice and more water.
  10. Yogi orSadhak should be read or study daily Shrimad bhagwat Gita ji and other spiritual books and magazines.
  11. Yogi or Sadhak should be clear his position in front of their family member because your family member worried about your mentally and physically problems.
  12. We advise to yogi or sadhak to live at the ashram of guru because  at the time of kundalini jagran some sleeplessness and mental depression may be come so sadhak should be away from crowd and home or family.
  13. Yogi or Sadhak may be feel in body some restlessness and vibrations in the arms, legs, palms and feet.
  14. The pulse rate and alertness are increased and Blood pressure is reduced. So yogi or sadhak should be not worried about these symptoms .

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