Bhujang Aashan : Spread a woolen blanket on the floor or hard bed . Lie down on your Bhujang asanstomach on it. Keep the legs straight joined together. Keep both hands at the level of your chest keeping the palms on the floor. With the help of the arms, lift up the upper torso as much as you can do in an arc shape, along with an inhale breath.  Hold your breath and retain this posture as much as you can. Lower the chest neck and head slowly on the ground along with the exhale breath. Relax the whole body with deep breathing.

  Benefits : It reduces obecity and the enlarged spleen and liver. It activates the flow of Prana in the Brahma Nadi , Sushumana and stimulate in awakening the Kundalini. It increases the gastric fire. It stimulates the functioning of abdominal viscera, kidney, liver, dyspepsia and gastritis. It cures piles, prostate, nerves bladder and diabetes etc.

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