General useful instructions for Asanas , Mudras , Bandhas, and pranayam

We should follow some useful instructions when we perform asanas, Mudras, bandhas and pranayam for meditation and Self Realization or awakening of Kundalini shakti or Serpant power.There is a great misconception about yoga asanas among most of the beginners, who think that only the asanas practice is complete yoga. It is true that asanas are very important to keep our body and mind healthy and free from diseases. So that you should be follow instructions carefully as given below:

  1. You should be Practice either Padmasana or Siddhasana for meditative purposes and the various other Asanas, Bandhas, etc., for maintaining, a high standard of health, vigour, strength, vitality.
  2. Be regular in practice of Asanas and Bandhas, Mudras etc.
  3. You should be practice of asanas on a blanket on the floor .
  4. You should be wear a Langotee or Kowpeen when you practise Asanas. You may wear banian or any loose cloth on the body.
  5. You should not be wear spectacles when you perform Asanas. They may be broken or they will injure your eyes.
  6.  Asana should be done on empty stomach in the morning or at least three hours after food. Morning time is best for perform Asanas.
  7. Take care of inhaling, exhaling and retaining your breath at the right moment during each asana.
  8. Initially you should be perform asanas in supervision of any Guru or who already practiced asanas.
  9. You should be japa or chanting mantra during  Pranayam and asanas, it will be better.
  10.  Initially you cannot perform some of the Asanas perfectly. But Regular practice will give perfection. Patience and perseverance and sincerity will make perfect.
  11. Do not jerk and strain your body and spine more then your capacity . perfection will come slowly.
  12. Keep remembering that the ultimate aim of asanas and Pranayam is self realization and awakening of the Kundalini and not simply to become healthy and cure diseases.
  13. You should be concentrate your mind in God  or your aim to get better benefit.
  14. Asanas should be practice or performed on the sandy bed of rivers, open airy places or by seaside(chaupati area) or any well ventilated airy and cleaned room.
  15. you should be careful about your diet when you perform or practiced Asanas and meditation. You will have fine, lustrous eyes, fair complexion and peace of mind in a short time. Hath Yoga ensures beauty, strength and spiritual success to the Yogic practitioners.
  16. Everyone should be select a course of a few Asanas to fit his body ,mind and his temperament, capacity, convenience, leisure and requirement.
  17. You should be done or perform Pranayama with Asanas before starting Japa and meditation, because it is very good and conducive. It removes laziness and drowsiness of the body and mind. It steadies the mind and fills new vigour and peace.
  18. Our body is closely related to the our mind so that Sickly and  weak body will not better perform in Meditation.The body is an important instrument for Self-realisation and awakening of Kundalini Shakti or Serpant power.

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