Libra Sun Sign Zodiac Horoscope/Forecast 2018

Libra or Tula  :  Libra or Tula is ruling by Venus or Shukra. Chitra, Swati, Vishakha are constellations in this sign ruled by Mars , Rahu , and Jupiter respectively. Librans  quite romantic, imaginative, honest, generous and very fortunate. Good mental equilibrium, courteousness, gentleness and sympathy are the main traits of the Librans. Libra rules on the kidneys, the lumbar region of the spine, the skin, the ureters, which are the tiny ducts running between the kidneys and the bladder, and the vaso-motor system. Librans are successful as writers, composers, fashion designers, interior decorators, critics, administrators, lawyers, and in civil services.

According to Planet’s position in your horoscope, beginning of the year you will be full of energy, but there can be aggression in behavior that needs to be controlled – it is necessary for happiness and peace in marriage and family life. During January to March, health may remain a little confusing. Speak words thoughtfully, otherwise it is possible that they hurt someone’s feelings. This year’s office is going to be good for you because here your ideas will embody the look and things will look favorable. But you need to stay away from laziness.

The behavior of colleagues will be normal; You need to use your abilities. From January to March, the sum of the increase in income is also seen. After this your efforts will open the door to new areas. Lack of satisfaction and happiness in domestic life may be felt; It is possible that you feel a little away from your family-it may also be possible that you have given a lot of time to the family.

Many small trips and some long distance trips are possible this year. Children will be happy and enjoy life. Students will work hard and will also get the result. After March, there will be a lot of improvement in marital life. Overall, this year will be good for you.Take care and god bless you.
You should worship God Shiva and Hanuman and chant the Mantra as : Om Namah Shivay
Your Lucky Factor are as :
Favourable Color — White
Favourable day – – Friday
Lucky Number – – 6 ( Six)
Best wishes for you in this year

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