Scorpio Sun Sign Zodiac Horoscope/Forecast 2018

Scorpio or Vrischika :  Scorpio or Vrischika is ruling by mars or Mangal . Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyeshta constellations are ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury respectively. People born under this sign are the most intense and passionate  Self determined, powerful, positive and magnetic, Scorpions hold a high regard among their peer group.Though they appear calm and quite but their anger can burst anytime like a volcano. Materialistic possessions and luxury will be the basic necessity of the Scorpion. They are enterprising and are proficient in fine arts and dancing. They are good conversationalist as well as writers.

 According to Planet’s position in your horoscope, you have to face some challenges in this year. If you are ready to do so strongly, then you will achieve your goals. You need to be aware of health during January to March. After this your health will improve and the disease-resistant power will come in the body.

You will win over your opponents. As far as economic conditions are concerned, this year – especially in October – your expenses will be significantly higher, which can have a negative impact on your financial situation. You need to invest very carefully. If you want to earn good income in 2018, then be committed to hard work. It is a good time for those who want to go abroad for higher education.

Children will enjoy life, but they may have to struggle with concentration related problems. There will be happy results in marital life. The support of a spouse will be found in every work. There will be challenges in the field of work, but there will also be many opportunities for progress. Overall, this year will give you mixed results.Take care and god bless you.
You should worship the God Shiva and chant the Mantra as :
Om Namah Shivay.
Your Lucky Factors are as :
Favourable Color — Red
Favourable day – – Tuesday
Lucky Number – – 9 ( Nine)
Best wishes for you in this year

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