Sagittarius Sun Sign Zodiac Horoscope/Forecast 2018

Sagittarius or Dhanu :  Sagittarians or Dhanu is ruling by Jupiter or Vrhaspati . Mool, Purvashadha, Uttarashadha constellations are ruled by Ketu , Venus and Sun respectively. Sagittarians are honest, trustfull, generous and sincere, with a passion for justice and truth. Sagittarians are most gentle and recover easily. Sagittarians need organized and tolerant people to spend their lives and hence they tie up best with Aquarians or Librans. Sagittarians are very modest and morale in their relationships. A positive outlook on life often gifts them with the adventurous nature to explore a lifetime of enterprise, energy and eagerness.

According to Planet’s position in your horoscope, you will get many opportunities for progress in  this year. The determination of your resolution will take you very much in 2018. By the month of March, the totals of income increase are showing. After that, your expenses may increase by May, but after that, the car will return to the train for the rest of the year. So there will not be much anxiety about money and money. You will be curious to find new sources of income and you will also be successful in earning money from multiple sources.

Saturn will inspire you to work hard. However, it is not good to engage in excessive work; You should also take care of your health properly. From March to May, the time may be a bit difficult and after October, you may have to face any problem related to health. Use caution in driving. Children will be hard-working and students will perform well. Domestic life will be cordial-sometimes a little bit can not be denied.

Although this year you need to exercise restraint while speaking, otherwise tension can be created in relationships. Marriage life will be pleasant, but the health of your spouse can worry you. Looks good in favor of love. You will be able to control the opponents. Overall, this year is good for you, although be cautious about health. Take care and god bless you.
You should worship God Shiva and chant the Mantra as :
Om Namah Shivay.
Your Lucky Factors are as :
Favorable Color – Golden Yellow
Favorable day – Thursday
Lucky Number – 3 (Three)

Best wishes for you in this year

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