Why does not the benefit of chanting chants?

It is a problem that why chanting mantra is not successful, why does the fruit get complete?

First of all, it is also necessary that the qualified Guru will be mentioned along with the whole method and the mantra received by the guru.

The second ignorance is also of those gurus who tell the mantra, but the method they themselves do not even know. The devotees keep on chanting devotionally, eventually becoming sterilized and frustrated.

Today, some think about this topic, it is a great topic. But I will present some necessary knowledge, from this you will understand what is the reality.
The mantras which are used for the fulfillment of any wishes are called Mantras Kamya Mantra.

Firstly, the mantras with more than twenty letters are called ” mala mantras”

Mantras with more than ten letters are called “mool, mantras”.

Mantras with less than ten characters are called “Beej, mantra”.

“Malamantra” are fruitful in old age.

“Basic Mantras” are accomplished in youth.

The five to ten-letter mantras are accomplished in the childhood.

There are three castes of mantras—-

Female, male and neuter …

Those who use the term “Swaha” in the end are called feminine mantras.

Those whose are used namah in the end, they are called dominant mantras.

All the remaining mantras are called men’s.

Men’s ethnic cleansing proves successful in vandalization and uprooting action. All works are practical.

Fraudulent spells are spawned in poor action, disease prevention and peace.

Nupunish mantras are appropriate in the action of mischief, taciturna or sayings.

Now the most special fact ….

Mantra is of two types. “Igneous” and “gentle”

Those who have Om in the beginning of the beginning are igneous and at the end of which Om, namely Pranava, are benign.

These should be chanted in their lifetime. When the sun rises, then the igneous mantra should be chanted and when the Chandra pulse goes, the gentle mantra gives successful results.

In the mantras, the more use of letters, know the igneous mantra and the rest are all gentle mantras.

These two types of mantras give success in cruel and gentle deeds, respectively.

If you put “Namah” at the end of the igneous mantra, then it will become mild and after putting “burst” at the end of the gentle mantra it will become igneous.

When the left puff or pulse is going on, then it is time for the igneous mantra to sleep and when the right breathing, then understand the time of sleeping mantra.

It means that the gentle mantra gives auspiciousness when walking on the right breath.

When both breaths are running, both mantras are awakened that means both chants can be chanted.