Motivated Story — Problems

🐪🐪 hundred camels 🐪🐪

Once upon a time there was In a city, a man used to work in a private company. He was not happy with his life, every time he was troubled by some problem.

Once a Mahatma’s convoy stopped at some distance from the city. There was talk of four and the other in the city. .

Many people took their problems to reach them, The man also decided to visit Mahatma to solve his problem.

On the day of the holiday early morning he reached their convoy. After a long wait, his number came.

He said to Baba, “Baba, I am very unhappy with my life, all the time, the problems surround me, sometimes the office tension is there, and sometimes the house becomes confused, and sometimes I am worried about my health .

Baba, should tell such a thing that all the problems from my life will end and I can live happily?

Baba smiled and said, “Son, it is too late today. I’ll give you the answer tomorrow morning … but will you do me a little bit …?”

“There are hundreds of camels in our convoy,
I want you tonight to take care of them …
When hundred of the hundred camels sit down, then you also go to sleep … ”

Saying this, the Mahatma went to his tent.

The next morning, the Mahatma met the man and asked, “Say son, sleep has come good.”

He said sadly :
“Where, Baba, I could not even sleep for a moment. I tried a lot but I could not sit on all the camels, no camels could stand … !!!

Baba said, “Son, last night you have experienced that no matter how much you try, all the camels 🐪 can not sit together …

If you sit on one side then someone else will be standing somewhere else.

Similarly, if you solve a problem, the other will stand for some reason.

As long as the son, lives, these problems remain the same … sometimes less then sometimes more …. ”

“So what should we do?”, The man asked curiously.

“Learn to enjoy life despite these problems …

What happened last night?
1) Many camels 🐪 were night-they sat themselves,
2) Many of you put your effort in the effort,
3) Many camels 🐪 did not sit even after your effort … and later you found that some of them sat themselves …

Understand something …. ??
Problems are similar.

1) Some lose themselves,
2) You solve some of your efforts …
3) Even if you try a lot, it does not get solved too,

Leave such problems on time … at the right time, they end up themselves. !!

Life is there, then some problems will remain …. But this does not mean that you keep thinking about them every night …

Keep problems aside,
And enjoy life …

Sleep peace, dont worry,
When their time comes they will solve themselves “…
So dont worry be happy.